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Happy (insert chosen celebration here)

I had a customer at work yesterday who commented on the automated switchboard recording we have set up on the pone lines. You know the ones, “Thank you for calling whoever we are, press one for sales, press two for returns or press three simply because all numbers take you to the same people”. Well, on ours we have one of the girls record a message to say that we are closed on Christmas day and boxing day. In this message she says “All of us here wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Someone complained.

I realise that Christmas, at it’s very core, is a religious holiday but it is celebrated by so many people in so many different ways that this really has become irrelevant. I am in no way shape or form religious. If I ever did choose a religion it would probably be some form of Budhism, not really sure why, it just speaks to more than the other religions. But yes, I celebrate Christmas, or at least I take advantage of it.

I love buying presents for other people, even if the don’t buy me one! I don’t subscribe to the idea that you need to exchange presents. It is the act of giving that makes this day great and by jingo it feels good to watch someone open up a gift and beam a grin down at whatever it is that was encased in shiny paper.

Yes it may be materialistic and I like getting presents as much as the next girl (Soap and Glory delux bag thank you very much) but it is a day that everyone can stop, even if some people only stop because every one else has. Every one has the opportunity to smile at someone and say “Merry Christmas” simply because that is something you say!

But some old Scrooge called up, wanting simply to place an order, and instead lectured me for 10 minutes (there goes my average call time) about how saying “Merry Christmas” is incredibly insulting to people of other faiths and is as good as direct racism. I told him he was more than welcome to write a letter of complain and address it to the company owners (who happen to be Jewish)

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