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2 Weeks Clean

Well, I’ve managed to get past my own personal ‘danger zone’. As a chronic nail biter who really likes having long nails, I have always been stuck in a bit of a weird situation.

But now, after once again deciding to stop nibbling my fingers into oblivion, I have managed to get through it for long enough to have little thin natural white bits on the ends of my nails! For me the worst time is when I just decide to stop. My fingers are still swollen and sore and the skin is still all prickly and the nail (what is left of it) is sore and sharp. These are the bits I just NEED to bite off!

But now I have nice nails and I have almost tamed my cuticles. My skin is healing and soon I will have a nice set of back scratchers!

This is my little WIN!

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Nail Biters Annonymous

I’m going to kick this habit for good this time! I have been a chronic nail biter for years, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing it… but lately, well I guess you could say I have become more ambitious.

When I say I bite my nails, I don’t just mean a little nibble every now and then, I mean I pull of strips of nail until my fingers bleed. It is horrible and disgusting and I’m ashamed of myself for doing it but it is a habit! No different from smoking or drugs or alcohol or anything else in the world that people do and just can’t stop. I have managed to stop before but I have always fallen off the wagon for some reason, normally because up until now I have been in a job that requires short nails.

When I do manage to stop and grow my nails, I can keep them looking nice and strong and very very claw like, I normally go for about double the length of the nail that is attached to the finger tip (if you know what I mean) so I like them pretty long. Now that I have just got a new office job working in the same building as a lot of very pretty people (as marketing and design people seem to tend to be) I find myself walking around with my hands clenched to hide my horrible stubby fingers.

So! here I go, making another wild promise about how I’m never going to bite my nails ever again! This time I’m gonna stick to it. I have some nasty tasting stuff that I need to actually dip my fingers in so the skin around my nails tastes bad also, I have a very pretty set of “Strictly Come Dancing” nail polish and I have an electric manicure set that a friend bought me for my birthday.

Maybe ranting about it and confessing each time I have a sneaky nibble on here will help. You, the faceless masses of the internet, are now my support group. Yay for you.

And don’t worry, I will not be posting any manky photos. only beautiful pretty photos when I have nice nails again.

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