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2 Weeks Clean

Well, I’ve managed to get past my own personal ‘danger zone’. As a chronic nail biter who really likes having long nails, I have always been stuck in a bit of a weird situation.

But now, after once again deciding to stop nibbling my fingers into oblivion, I have managed to get through it for long enough to have little thin natural white bits on the ends of my nails! For me the worst time is when I just decide to stop. My fingers are still swollen and sore and the skin is still all prickly and the nail (what is left of it) is sore and sharp. These are the bits I just NEED to bite off!

But now I have nice nails and I have almost tamed my cuticles. My skin is healing and soon I will have a nice set of back scratchers!

This is my little WIN!

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Posted by on March 27, 2012 in Good Day Rant


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