The age of annonymity

The internet is an amazing place thanks to the fact that it can allow anyone to become whoever they want. This of course can lead potentially to a lot of problems however for a majority of people it allows them to express themselves with more freedom than normal life allows. This is why I have created this on line persona of myself which is a whole load of batshit crazy that I don’t normally allow myself to be out in the real world.

So what happens when the line between them begins o blue? Meeting people whom I only know by user names is something that I have very much enjoyed over recent months but then I realised something. These people only know me as Orange Afterglow, and now they meet the real me. The real me is someone very different and quite possible a sufferer of a mild case of multiple personalities.

It is the thought of people knowing the human behind the pixels hat concerns me. I find myself hesitating on twitter, which not a lot of people do. What if someone sees my post and thinks it is about them? I don’t want to offend people but I have opinions and I would like an outlet for them. If I want to go on line and completely blow my top at a frustrating situation, I don’t want it to be a personal thing.

I don’t eve know what I am saying at the moment! I hate being conflicted!

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Go Go Gadget Paitbrush!

I have finally got my DA page up and running properly and I have also opened an MLP commission thread on the UK of Equestria website. And now I have my first Commission! And it happens to be best pony too!


I am so excited and it is going to be a brilliant challenge! I have done loads of full colour art before but nothing this size. Gonna take it slow and steady. Just need to find the perfect shade of orange, can’t have her turning out all David Dickinson now can we?

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How to win friends and then gross them out!

I once again stepped out of my comfort zone and headed out into the centre of Manchester to meet up with what turned out to be a massive bunch of near perfect strangers who I only know over the internet! In all the years I have considered myself a Browncoat and an Otaku I have never done this before. Only in Bronydom!

Now going to an actual organised convention is one thing and boy-howdy was BUCK ever a thing! But going to a general gathering in the city? yikes. But I put my best hoof forwards and strutted on out to meet a load of new people.

There were one or two familiar faces here and there and after a while I managed to loosen up a bit. And by ‘after a while’ I obviously mean ‘after a few ciders’. The day went rally well just chillin’ in the park as it were, then we headed to a pub and the real fun began.

Now if there is one thing that my friends know about me it;’s that I’m a chatty drunk! I will say anything to anybody regardless of relevance to the topic being discussed at the time. The medical term is Verbal Diarrhoea and I tend to develop a very acute case of this quite quickly. I also tend to turn into a walking, talking chiche which I vaguely remember doing that night. Spouting something about how I had the year from hell (true) and ponies helped me to get through it. No idea where that one came from!!

What normally happens to me when I drink is that I get sleepy. When I start to nod off, time to go home. It seems that now the game has changed. I completely bypassed the sleepy stage and stayed on hyper and disorientated mode for quite a while until the inevitable happened. 7 pints (WOW!) of cider after I started and it starts making my acquaintance again. My problem is I cant remember anything about 15 minutes or so leading up to that point. All I remember is the act, and it’s like I’m remembering it with my eyes closed.

I have no idea who was around me at the time or who was in range. I remember being taken out of the club and sitting down on some steps outside and turning down every offer for a taxi that was thrown my way. I had a tram ticket and I was damn well gonna use it! One of my boys, as they are now being known as following a few hours of erratic swaying and very bad singing, walked/carried/supported me to the tram station and put me on the tram. I was fairly coherent at the time, well, enough so that I would operate my touch screen phone to call for a lift and not end up with 30 anchovy pizzas.

I am rather ashamed of myself. I have always been super critical of people who go out and binge drink and now that is exactly what I have done. People have been telling me that I shouldn’t apologise but I’m sure they are just being polite. I mate a complete fool out of myself in front of a whole bunch of new people I really like and I’m supposed to me 27!!!

Ok, yes! I’m a 27 year old who watches My Little Pony, I know what you are thinking, real mature. Well I happen to think it is! So there! Nanny-nanny boo-boo stick your head in doo-doo!

I am very very thankful that this group of strangers has turned out to be a bunch of people that I could rely on when in a very vulnerable state. I even made it home with my brand new Dr Whooves plushie still in my bag!

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The Afterglow Emporium

After much encouragement from friends and family and a few successful auctions on ebay, The Afterglow Emporium has now been opened! Well… almost.

The Afterglow Emporium is soon going to have a range of t-shirts, hoodies and basically any fabric-type garment you could want (any that I can source anyway) which sport designs and motifs hand painted by yours truly. I will have a few items which can be recreated (standard designs) which can be purchased at any time in addition to commission and custom items which can be ordered.

When I have photos of items available for purchase put up I will show a price list. As a general guide commission work will be charged at about £15 for line art work on a t-shirt and slightly more for full colour images. All colours available but please bear in mind that darker fabric is harder to put colour pain on (but metallic line art looks fantastic!).

The Afterglow Emporium will be opened shortly. In the mean time if you have any queries please leave a comment below or send an email to


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You’re All My Very Best Friends!

This last weekend, oh my gosh! Words cannot describe!

I have never made any secret of the heights to which my fanatic nature can soar and now I have taken the next step in any good fangirl’s life. My very first con. And not just any con.


There has been a lot of things reported in the news in various countries around the world about the phenomenon that is the ‘Brony’ culture. Bronies have been labelled as gays, perverts, paedophiles, cult followers… you name it, we have been called it. But do you want to know what we are?

We are people who like something! So sue us!

And another thing. Bronies know how to put on a good show! BUCK 2012 – the first ever Brony UK convention was held in Manchester (or Manechester I should say) last weekend and it was the best weekend I have ever had! With vendors, game demos, craft workshops, fanfiction competitions, a charity auction, raffles all over the place and not to forget the Pony Odeon and Pinkie Pie Party! There just are not enough words to describe it!

Bronies are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege to meet and the very best thing about gathering almost 700 Bronies in one place? Spontaneous Sing-songs! No where else would you have hundreds of fully grown adults and teenagers singing the theme song to My Little Pony, out loud, on the streets of Manchester. Only at BUCK!

I can’t wait to get my photos on here! And, what’s more, I think I’m going to be very brave and have the picture of me getting a hug from Discord as my FB profile pic!!! *gasp!*

Now I’m left with an almost shell-shocked feeling as I stand at the bus stop waiting to go to work and Winter Wrap-up comes on my iPod. There will be no more bellowing along to the songs, no more throaty shouts of “YEEEAAHHHHHH!” at anything anyone cheers for, no more answering a question with a country “Ee-yup!”…. Now it is back to the grindstone in an environment where no one even knows that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic exists. Where I am just slightly bonkers and people don’t know what a Brony is, let alone the fact that I am one.

Still, there is some fun to be had with that. I may get a Discord Model to live on my desk at work!

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Jumping on the last bandwagon of the day

Considering the fact that I have a blog, a fully fledged on-line persona, a few published works of fanfiction and (god help me) a twitter page, I have now taken the next step in the evolution of communication. I have got myself a Kindle! (other e-books are available)

Why? Damned if I know. I just woke up one morning and had this very strange feeling that getting myself one of these things will make my life infinity better. The concept of an ebook is fantastic. a whole library of books that you can carry around with you in your back pocket. A screen that can be read in bright sunlight (the bane of the laptop’s existence) and there is a ton of free stuff you can get for it too! The fact that you can put PDF’s on there as well is a fantastic thing for me, and was pretty much the turning point. Now I can put all of my favourite works on fanfiction and carry them around with me wherever I go! No more lugging around my laptop when I go away for a few days, just in case I get a bit bored. And no more paying for over priced books which weigh me down and contribute to a heft portion of my baggage allowance.

Shame I’m having a devil of a time getting my hands on one.

I know what you are thinking. The Kindle is from Amazon. Job done. The thing is I KNOW who Amazon use for their home deliveries and I would not trust them to delivery an empty box! So, I checked out Argos, local stores did not have it in stock. I KNOW!!! I’ll pop down to Tesco, I’ll get points for it there too. They didn’t have any in stock! Only for ‘click and collect’ from their website. *sigh* OK then!

So, I paid for this thing on-line and waited patiently for the despatch notification to come through. This morning I got it. With a tracking number. A tracking number for the delivery company who are used by Amazon! The delivery company I have been trying so hard to avoid!

My Kindle was put onto a van at 6:20 am this morning…. and it seems to be still on that van. The van set off on it’s journey 30 miles away from the store that it was supposed to be delivering my Kindle to. And now, as of 7:37 PM. Not yet at the store.

I’m not sure if I want to sit in a corner and cry or hurt someone!


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The Football Orphan

So, there’s football on is there? You know what, I hadn’t noticed. It’s a bit surprising really, especially as my parents deserted me last night to watch it. I was even in the same room as them, I felt alone. The only moment of togetherness I felt was when I looked up as some bloke scored a goal for England with his face. His FACE!! Blimey!

So, how long does this stuff last? Too long that’s for sure. It’s amazing that this game is actually now considered to be an Olympic sport!

I just don’t get football. Never have, never will.

There is no respect in the game! And I’m not talking about the hooligan fans or the players taking chunks out of each other. It’s like a player on the pitch thinks he is god and all should bow down before him. Well guess what, bub? That bloke running around you with the whistle and the pretty little red and yellow cards? He is your boss on that filed and you should show him some respect for his authority. Go and watch a rugby match! Those guys are HUGE and yet the call the diddy bloke with the Britney Spears mic “Sir”!

Football players get paid more money in one week than I will ever see in my entire lifetime and yet they seem to think that the world actually owes them something.

All of this, is why I am a Cricket fan. I like Cricket. I understand Cricket!

(and yes, I do end up jumping up and down on the spot calling for a LBW review.)

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