“The Rambling Thoughts of…” This is a collection of one shots, all written in first person POV. Each story centres around the thoughts and emotions of that character in the aftermath of the final battle with Titan. I have written one for every major character (even Bernard as a result of a very nice request by one of my readers). I have gotten good reviews for all of them though I must say the “Metro Man” one is my least favourite. I really didn’t like writing for him. Even writing for Hal was better! Anyway… read, enjoy, review. All rated K


“Whatever you are, be a good one” This is the story of Megamind’s childhood from the very moment he landed within the walls of the Metro City Prison. This story is on slight hold as this plot bunny has been evading me for quite some time but I do have big plans for this story so watch this space. Rated T

“Complicated Simplicity” Mild A/U following the “what if Metro Man never quit” plot line. Would Megamind ever have been able to get the girl of his dreams? Would Metro Man have gotten over his bout of depression? Would Roxanne have been able to fall for the blue alien without him having to pretend to be Human? Read, enjoy and review. Rated M (This one is not for kiddies – most chapters are rated T, any with M rating have been identified at the beginning of the chapter)

“One Shots” This is the collection of random one shots that I have rattled off.

  • Channel Surfing – Megamind and Minion are stuck in the lair one night and end up trying to find something interesting to watch on TV. – Rated K
  • Double Anniversary – A fluffy look into one possible reason why Roxanne never really mentions her parents. – Rated K+
  • What Evil Truly Looks Like – Tribute fic dedicated to everyone involved in the tragedy of 9/11. This is what I believe would happen if a self-styled super villain got a glimpse of true evil. Set in the Evil Lair.  – Rated T

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