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It’s all purty!

I have no idea what this actually is, I know there is a pink dye in the card of the tree itself as I used something to splash the water up the trunk of the tree slightly and now that has a pretty little white crystallisation thing going (You can just about see it in the bottom right of the photo). There is nothing about the chemical processed on the box and the declaration of ‘Magic’ is weighing heavily on my science!

Still… colour me impressed!

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A little bit of magic


This is the poor naked Sakura tree my brother got me for Christmas. All primed, soaked and ready to go! It is supposed to grow ‘Sakura Blossoms’ after a few hours so I’ve set it up and now I’m sat staring at it in anticipation.

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Go Go Gadget Paitbrush!

I have finally got my DA page up and running properly and I have also opened an MLP commission thread on the UK of Equestria website. And now I have my first Commission! And it happens to be best pony too!


I am so excited and it is going to be a brilliant challenge! I have done loads of full colour art before but nothing this size. Gonna take it slow and steady. Just need to find the perfect shade of orange, can’t have her turning out all David Dickinson now can we?

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You’re All My Very Best Friends!

This last weekend, oh my gosh! Words cannot describe!

I have never made any secret of the heights to which my fanatic nature can soar and now I have taken the next step in any good fangirl’s life. My very first con. And not just any con.


There has been a lot of things reported in the news in various countries around the world about the phenomenon that is the ‘Brony’ culture. Bronies have been labelled as gays, perverts, paedophiles, cult followers… you name it, we have been called it. But do you want to know what we are?

We are people who like something! So sue us!

And another thing. Bronies know how to put on a good show! BUCK 2012 – the first ever Brony UK convention was held in Manchester (or Manechester I should say) last weekend and it was the best weekend I have ever had! With vendors, game demos, craft workshops, fanfiction competitions, a charity auction, raffles all over the place and not to forget the Pony Odeon and Pinkie Pie Party! There just are not enough words to describe it!

Bronies are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege to meet and the very best thing about gathering almost 700 Bronies in one place? Spontaneous Sing-songs! No where else would you have hundreds of fully grown adults and teenagers singing the theme song to My Little Pony, out loud, on the streets of Manchester. Only at BUCK!

I can’t wait to get my photos on here! And, what’s more, I think I’m going to be very brave and have the picture of me getting a hug from Discord as my FB profile pic!!! *gasp!*

Now I’m left with an almost shell-shocked feeling as I stand at the bus stop waiting to go to work and Winter Wrap-up comes on my iPod. There will be no more bellowing along to the songs, no more throaty shouts of “YEEEAAHHHHHH!” at anything anyone cheers for, no more answering a question with a country “Ee-yup!”…. Now it is back to the grindstone in an environment where no one even knows that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic exists. Where I am just slightly bonkers and people don’t know what a Brony is, let alone the fact that I am one.

Still, there is some fun to be had with that. I may get a Discord Model to live on my desk at work!

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2 Weeks Clean

Well, I’ve managed to get past my own personal ‘danger zone’. As a chronic nail biter who really likes having long nails, I have always been stuck in a bit of a weird situation.

But now, after once again deciding to stop nibbling my fingers into oblivion, I have managed to get through it for long enough to have little thin natural white bits on the ends of my nails! For me the worst time is when I just decide to stop. My fingers are still swollen and sore and the skin is still all prickly and the nail (what is left of it) is sore and sharp. These are the bits I just NEED to bite off!

But now I have nice nails and I have almost tamed my cuticles. My skin is healing and soon I will have a nice set of back scratchers!

This is my little WIN!

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Fame At Last!

Today, Orange Afterglow became famous! Earlier on this morning I was happily watching my twitter feed slowly advance with tiny little updates from random people around the world when a question posed by the twitter account for ITV’s This Morning popped up. The question was asking people for their comments on the idea that all men are tempted to cheat on their partners.

Now, I have done my time in University and have come away with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ethology (the study of animal behaviour) and a big part of this is understanding how animal instincts translate into human behaviour. So when I read this question, my ears pricked up and my inner scientist came leaping out with an answer. So I tweeted (The post should still be in my twitter widget over this-a-way —->)

@OrangeAfterglow: “@ITVThisMorning biologically, the male of any species is designed to create as many offspring as possible #stillnoexcuse”

Now, I have tweeted this program a lot since I started with my twitter addiction and I have never had a shout out. I didn’t think I ever would because I use my ‘pen name’ Orange Afterglow and I didn’t think they read out ‘fake’ names. I was wrong.

MY TWEET WAS READ OUT LIVE ON AIR! By Coleen Nolan no less!

My comment was presented to their two relationship experts with a very odd look on Coleen’s face as she finished reading my comment. One of the Gurus then said “Yes, but we have higher brain functions and do not need to do this any more.”

I would like to clear up a point or two. First of all, I was misquoted. To save space at the end of my tweet I put “still no excuse” as a hash-tag. My point was purely that there is a genetic impulse in every man that causes his eyes to wander. the ‘hight brain function’ then kicks in to say “Whoa, down boy!” and that’s that, most of the time. But the hash-tag was not read out so it sounded to all the world like I was condoning infidelity on primitive behavioural conditioning. Not so my friends. Not so.

The same genetic trait also exists in women. This is why there is a concept of what is ‘attractive’ in a man. A woman is often interested in a man who is good looking, as they will give good healthy offspring and successful, as the offspring are more likely to be intelligent. A man with a red Ferrari will have much the same effect on a woman as a bird of paradise with a fancy plumage trying to attract a mate. In nature the men ware the make-up and the women choose who will give them the best children.

This is not to say that I don’t believe in monogamy. I absolutely do! But this is a decision made by the brain which is often contradicted by natural base impulses. It depends on the strength of will and morals of the individual. But a man who has cheated once has obviously found some way of rationalising it in his own head so the question is, what will make him choose a different decision later on?

So Coleen, that was the point that I was getting at. That a man’s eyes wander because he truly can’t help it. A man’s hands wander because he is a weak willed arsehole!.

That is all.

P.S. EEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m a celebrity!

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Like Riding a Bike

“Of course I can ice skate!”

This was my proud proclamation that I loudly and irrevocably declared to a room full of witnesses when asked by my friend who came to my house to stay for a few days. There was the big party on at the local ice rink and as we hadn’t been to a disco/fancy dress/foam party for years, we decided to go!

We both are more than a little bit mental and so we went to town on our costumes. I went as an Anime girl/Japanese schoolgirl in a short blue pleated skirt and a sailor top. I had this massive freak out over the costume as I have recently discovered that my local manga and comic book shop has started stocking Sailor Moon graphic novels! I actually made a very high pitched “SQUEE” noise in the middle of the shop and admitted to my friend in a very excited voice that Sailor Moon was my first Anime love and it would remain on a pedestal for the rest of my days! I bought the first two. I resisted the urge to take one of my books to complete the look as I was a bit concerned about it getting wet and ruined. My friend went dressed as a gypsy complete with a sash tied around her waist, an expertly modified floor length green skirt (rucked up at the front for safety reasons) and feathers in her hair.

When we got to the ice rink the queue was already well out of the door and into the car park. I instantly pulled my bright orange coat tighter around myself as we both noticed that not a lot of the people in the queue were in fancy dress. Or, more accurately, every damn person in the line had come dressed as a teenager! We spent the next 20 minutes playing “Lets spot the adult”. It was like a game of Where’s Waldo.

So, we figured that hey, we were bonkers enough to stick with it so we carried on inside and rented our skates and then struck out onto the ice a-la Bambi. We got there just in time to join in a game of pass the parcel on ice in which I won the worlds smallest bag of Haribo and a ‘VIP’ free pass for my next visit within the next 4 weeks (not including skate hire). Woo!

After a few hours we were zipping in and out of the other skaters with near reckless abandon! Until, that is… the ‘foam’ part of the night started. Who in the world passed a foam party at an ice rink off as being safe?!? Adding a soapy sloppy residue to ICE?!? Yeah… nanny state, of course. There were a ton of people all crowded under the foam, all trying to get a wet and foamy as possible (no, that is a literal description) and all forming one massive road block right in the middle of the natural counter-clockwise flow of people!

It made for some interesting slalom course action, that’s for sure! I instantly mastered my bob and dart routine so I could sashay expertly through the narrow gaps in the bustling crowd. Until… a WILD ROGUE SKATER APPEARED!!!

Fool completely side-swiped my friend, lost his balance and pulled her over with him! right in the middle of the foam! BLIMEY!!! For future reference, if anyone ever goes to a foam party. Do not, under any circumstances, breathe it in!! Foam is not good on the lungs! So, anyway, I eventually managed to get back to her and haul her up but the clips on her skate had come undone, making she was crippled in the middle of the rink! In the end I managed to form some sort of very short conga line and pushed her over to the edge where she hobbled off the ice in order to put herself back together.

This night continued in much the same vein, with myself requesting the DJ play a song for my friend. A disco Classic. I Will Survive. And I waited and waited and he did not play it! So, after finally telling my friend what I requested for her, she stomped up to the DJ box and demanded to know why he had nor played it. His excuse. He didn’t have it. He did not have I Will Survive.

And he calls himself a DJ!


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