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A missing story

I’ve been driving myself crazy for the past year trying to find a story I 100% remember reading while I was in college. It was back in the days when I was really in to Dragonball Z fanfiction and it was absolutely amazing! I am sure it was called “In The Rain” or something like that and was a story about Bulma loosing her memory after being attacked in the street when it was raining. Vegeta tore himself apart knowing that he had not known anything of the attack untill she had been found and then the whole story revolves around Bulma finding her feeling for Vegeta again.

I’ve never been able to find it again! I am an expert googler but I have never been able to find it! I guess I shall have to resign myself to my fate.

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Jumping on the last bandwagon of the day

Considering the fact that I have a blog, a fully fledged on-line persona, a few published works of fanfiction and (god help me) a twitter page, I have now taken the next step in the evolution of communication. I have got myself a Kindle! (other e-books are available)

Why? Damned if I know. I just woke up one morning and had this very strange feeling that getting myself one of these things will make my life infinity better. The concept of an ebook is fantastic. a whole library of books that you can carry around with you in your back pocket. A screen that can be read in bright sunlight (the bane of the laptop’s existence) and there is a ton of free stuff you can get for it too! The fact that you can put PDF’s on there as well is a fantastic thing for me, and was pretty much the turning point. Now I can put all of my favourite works on fanfiction and carry them around with me wherever I go! No more lugging around my laptop when I go away for a few days, just in case I get a bit bored. And no more paying for over priced books which weigh me down and contribute to a heft portion of my baggage allowance.

Shame I’m having a devil of a time getting my hands on one.

I know what you are thinking. The Kindle is from Amazon. Job done. The thing is I KNOW who Amazon use for their home deliveries and I would not trust them to delivery an empty box! So, I checked out Argos, local stores did not have it in stock. I KNOW!!! I’ll pop down to Tesco, I’ll get points for it there too. They didn’t have any in stock! Only for ‘click and collect’ from their website. *sigh* OK then!

So, I paid for this thing on-line and waited patiently for the despatch notification to come through. This morning I got it. With a tracking number. A tracking number for the delivery company who are used by Amazon! The delivery company I have been trying so hard to avoid!

My Kindle was put onto a van at 6:20 am this morning…. and it seems to be still on that van. The van set off on it’s journey 30 miles away from the store that it was supposed to be delivering my Kindle to. And now, as of 7:37 PM. Not yet at the store.

I’m not sure if I want to sit in a corner and cry or hurt someone!


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The Football Orphan

So, there’s football on is there? You know what, I hadn’t noticed. It’s a bit surprising really, especially as my parents deserted me last night to watch it. I was even in the same room as them, I felt alone. The only moment of togetherness I felt was when I looked up as some bloke scored a goal for England with his face. His FACE!! Blimey!

So, how long does this stuff last? Too long that’s for sure. It’s amazing that this game is actually now considered to be an Olympic sport!

I just don’t get football. Never have, never will.

There is no respect in the game! And I’m not talking about the hooligan fans or the players taking chunks out of each other. It’s like a player on the pitch thinks he is god and all should bow down before him. Well guess what, bub? That bloke running around you with the whistle and the pretty little red and yellow cards? He is your boss on that filed and you should show him some respect for his authority. Go and watch a rugby match! Those guys are HUGE and yet the call the diddy bloke with the Britney Spears mic “Sir”!

Football players get paid more money in one week than I will ever see in my entire lifetime and yet they seem to think that the world actually owes them something.

All of this, is why I am a Cricket fan. I like Cricket. I understand Cricket!

(and yes, I do end up jumping up and down on the spot calling for a LBW review.)

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Into The Rush

Good lord, talk about a bad start to the day! I can’t believe my week has started out like this! How in the world can you get up on the wrong side of the bed when one side of it is pressed up against a wall? Ok… so how did things start out this morning?

Step 1: I did actually set the alarm on my phone to wake me up this morning as usual… the only problem with that was, I overlooked the fact that even on the “Morning call” setting for my mobile, you need to specify AM or PM when setting the alarm. Not much good my alarm trilling away to itself at 5 in the afternoon, is there? So, lucky for me I woke up about 1/2 an hour after my alarm should have gone off and managed to peer successfully at the display on the clock. After a mad rush around the house I was just about able to get out at the normal time of 5:40am.

Step 2: Got to the bus stop on time and even managed to get my seat in the shelter. it’s the one furthest to the right so that I don’t have to stare at the sides of people’s heads when I’m watching the road for the bus. So, my bus is always the first one there, in addition it is the only ‘arriva’ bus that goes to that stop. Today, as there is a road closed somewhere. a different bus turned up this morning. It was the first one there and it was an arrive… did I check the number which look suspiciously similar to the one I wanted? No, I did not! I hopped onto the bus with my usual smile at the driver and went and took my usual seat.

Step 3: Get to the nearest town on the bus and sit there with a frown as the driver sits at a set of red lights. It looked suspiciously like the bus was going in the wrong direction at the junction. Humph… it’s ok, the driver must know what he is doing, he will turn the right way in a moment. After the bus pulled away from the junctions and turned in the opposite direction to the way I wanted to go, I realised I was on the wrong bus. After furiously pressing the “Stop” button far too many times, I managed to hop off the bus and ran back up the hill in very loud high heels and got around the corner just in time to see my bus coming over the top of the bridge.

Step 4: Ran up the bridge to the bus stop waving my arms furiously. Luckily there was someone getting off at that stop so the bus did pull over. I managed to get on the bus and flashed a sheepish grin to the driver (always treat your driver with respect, your life is in his/her hands) and then went as red as a beet when I realised the 4 people who had been waiting at the first bus stop with me were on this same bus. Wander back to the back of the bus and sit in the corner with my head down, trying not to pant like a greyhound after a race (I am so unhealthy)

Step 5: Actually managed to get off the bus at the right stop, crossed the main road without getting myself squished by a truck and managed to make it down to work with 15 minutes to spare! So, I did my usual early morning routine. Turned the computer on, made sure all my stuff was in order, tidy up the mes left from the previous day of work and then headed down to the ladies to freshen up. Did my thing and then returned to my desk ready to start the day. 1 hour later everyone in the building gets an email… the toilets have now been broken and the nearest ones are in a building about 5 minutes away! I hope that on one saw me go, I swear everything was working fine and I did NOT block the toilets on my own!

… but now, 6 hours later with 3 hours to go… I really need to go!

Well… that’s my day so far. How was yours?

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