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Go Go Gadget Paitbrush!

I have finally got my DA page up and running properly and I have also opened an MLP commission thread on the UK of Equestria website. And now I have my first Commission! And it happens to be best pony too!


I am so excited and it is going to be a brilliant challenge! I have done loads of full colour art before but nothing this size. Gonna take it slow and steady. Just need to find the perfect shade of orange, can’t have her turning out all David Dickinson now can we?

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The Afterglow Emporium

After much encouragement from friends and family and a few successful auctions on ebay, The Afterglow Emporium has now been opened! Well… almost.

The Afterglow Emporium is soon going to have a range of t-shirts, hoodies and basically any fabric-type garment you could want (any that I can source anyway) which sport designs and motifs hand painted by yours truly. I will have a few items which can be recreated (standard designs) which can be purchased at any time in addition to commission and custom items which can be ordered.

When I have photos of items available for purchase put up I will show a price list. As a general guide commission work will be charged at about £15 for line art work on a t-shirt and slightly more for full colour images. All colours available but please bear in mind that darker fabric is harder to put colour pain on (but metallic line art looks fantastic!).

The Afterglow Emporium will be opened shortly. In the mean time if you have any queries please leave a comment below or send an email to


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