The age of annonymity

13 Oct

The internet is an amazing place thanks to the fact that it can allow anyone to become whoever they want. This of course can lead potentially to a lot of problems however for a majority of people it allows them to express themselves with more freedom than normal life allows. This is why I have created this on line persona of myself which is a whole load of batshit crazy that I don’t normally allow myself to be out in the real world.

So what happens when the line between them begins o blue? Meeting people whom I only know by user names is something that I have very much enjoyed over recent months but then I realised something. These people only know me as Orange Afterglow, and now they meet the real me. The real me is someone very different and quite possible a sufferer of a mild case of multiple personalities.

It is the thought of people knowing the human behind the pixels hat concerns me. I find myself hesitating on twitter, which not a lot of people do. What if someone sees my post and thinks it is about them? I don’t want to offend people but I have opinions and I would like an outlet for them. If I want to go on line and completely blow my top at a frustrating situation, I don’t want it to be a personal thing.

I don’t eve know what I am saying at the moment! I hate being conflicted!

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Posted by on October 13, 2012 in OK Day Rant


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