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25 Jun

Considering the fact that I have a blog, a fully fledged on-line persona, a few published works of fanfiction and (god help me) a twitter page, I have now taken the next step in the evolution of communication. I have got myself a Kindle! (other e-books are available)

Why? Damned if I know. I just woke up one morning and had this very strange feeling that getting myself one of these things will make my life infinity better. The concept of an ebook is fantastic. a whole library of books that you can carry around with you in your back pocket. A screen that can be read in bright sunlight (the bane of the laptop’s existence) and there is a ton of free stuff you can get for it too! The fact that you can put PDF’s on there as well is a fantastic thing for me, and was pretty much the turning point. Now I can put all of my favourite works on fanfiction and carry them around with me wherever I go! No more lugging around my laptop when I go away for a few days, just in case I get a bit bored. And no more paying for over priced books which weigh me down and contribute to a heft portion of my baggage allowance.

Shame I’m having a devil of a time getting my hands on one.

I know what you are thinking. The Kindle is from Amazon. Job done. The thing is I KNOW who Amazon use for their home deliveries and I would not trust them to delivery an empty box! So, I checked out Argos, local stores did not have it in stock. I KNOW!!! I’ll pop down to Tesco, I’ll get points for it there too. They didn’t have any in stock! Only for ‘click and collect’ from their website. *sigh* OK then!

So, I paid for this thing on-line and waited patiently for the despatch notification to come through. This morning I got it. With a tracking number. A tracking number for the delivery company who are used by Amazon! The delivery company I have been trying so hard to avoid!

My Kindle was put onto a van at 6:20 am this morning…. and it seems to be still on that van. The van set off on it’s journey 30 miles away from the store that it was supposed to be delivering my Kindle to. And now, as of 7:37 PM. Not yet at the store.

I’m not sure if I want to sit in a corner and cry or hurt someone!


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