The Football Orphan

12 Jun

So, there’s football on is there? You know what, I hadn’t noticed. It’s a bit surprising really, especially as my parents deserted me last night to watch it. I was even in the same room as them, I felt alone. The only moment of togetherness I felt was when I looked up as some bloke scored a goal for England with his face. His FACE!! Blimey!

So, how long does this stuff last? Too long that’s for sure. It’s amazing that this game is actually now considered to be an Olympic sport!

I just don’t get football. Never have, never will.

There is no respect in the game! And I’m not talking about the hooligan fans or the players taking chunks out of each other. It’s like a player on the pitch thinks he is god and all should bow down before him. Well guess what, bub? That bloke running around you with the whistle and the pretty little red and yellow cards? He is your boss on that filed and you should show him some respect for his authority. Go and watch a rugby match! Those guys are HUGE and yet the call the diddy bloke with the Britney Spears mic “Sir”!

Football players get paid more money in one week than I will ever see in my entire lifetime and yet they seem to think that the world actually owes them something.

All of this, is why I am a Cricket fan. I like Cricket. I understand Cricket!

(and yes, I do end up jumping up and down on the spot calling for a LBW review.)

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