The Best Of British

06 Jun

Well, there it goes. The biggest weekend to hit the UK since the Royal Wedding last year. People will be talking about the Queen’s Jubilee weekend for about… oh, a month or so? At least up until the Olympics kick off.

Good grief! I see that the country as a whole shares in my unfortunate hobby of spending money that I haven’t got. Th economy is in crisis and we seem to be throwing party after party. How many billions have been spend for these things? I don’t think the Queen paid for it herself.

Still, I do like the Royal family. Especially Prince Harry (nudge-nudge-wink-wink), the ‘wild child’ of the palace. He’s my age too, which rocks!

It does seem, however, that the royal family are, essentially, a tourist attraction. They bring in an absolute fortune every year from people going to London, waiting at the palace for any glimpse of her, trying to badger the Royal Guards into cracking a smile….

William and Kate have brought a new life into the Royals and I think that this is why the nation, and the world, has turned out in such support.

But, now the hype is over, the bunting is coming down and people are left talking about how Paul McCartney’s voice was creaking a bit when he did his spot at the concert. Rule Britannia, God save the Queen, and peace to all.

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Posted by on June 6, 2012 in OK Day Rant


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