Me And My Thick-Phone

27 Apr

It seems most everyone has smart phones these days. Phones that can tell them exactly where they are, where they have been and where they are going. Phones that can tell the world what they are doing with just a touch of a button (digital or otherwise). Phones that can ‘think’ for themselves and offer answers to questions. It seems the mobile telephone has visions of replacing human memory altogether.

Me? I just have what I affectionately refer to as my thick-phone. A beautiful purple flip-phone that pretends to have an internet connection, can’t send picture messages and has developed dementia when it comes to Bluetooth. It’s camera considers itself an impressionist, it’s list of ring tones all sound spookily similar and, worst of all, it does not even have ‘Snake’!

But, you know what? I wouldn’t be without it. This phone has lasted me for ….6 years now! And it’s not even a Nokia (never had one… weird I know)! I see all of these people sitting on the bus on their iPhones with their shiny touch screen display all smudged with fingermarks, people with Blackberry’s and their impossibly compacted full QWERTY keyboards, all these people using their smart phones as if these little pieces of technology dictated their daily existence and I think….why?

My thick-phone can call people, it rings when people call me (I even managed to find out how to put an MP3 onto it once… forgot how soon after tho…), it can send AND receive texts. It stores up all mu numbers so my little black book can stay nice and warm tucked up at home in my stuff drawer. It even has Bejewelled (which I had to pay £5 for about 4 years ago) to see me through the boring times but no way of saving my progress for later. It sees me through and it will continue to do so until the day it dies.

Don’t get me wrong. I have found on occasion that my life would have been infinity more amusing if I had the ability to upload photos onto facebook as and when needed. I would love to be able to check twitter for any new celebrity illnesses or possible deaths while I’m on the way to work to give myself something interesting to talk about (Lets face it, all twitter is for these days is an RIP <insert celebrate name> platform with a few undead Beliebers and Trolls mixed in). But I an wait until I’m at home… it gives me that cooling off period which so many people really need to use before they post a tweet or status update about how their boss is an ar……not very nice to them.

So. This is me. Muddling through the forest of new technology with my faithful sturdy thick-phone by my side.
And do you know what? It has a colour screen too!


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2 responses to “Me And My Thick-Phone

  1. Jeremy Gradney

    April 27, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    There is something to be said for contentment. nice post – I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in the extras, we forget we are using phones.

    • OAG

      April 30, 2012 at 2:53 PM

      Thank you. I agree, I think we may actually be heading for the day when a phone will do everything except make a phone call!


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