Nail Biters Annonymous

13 Mar

I’m going to kick this habit for good this time! I have been a chronic nail biter for years, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing it… but lately, well I guess you could say I have become more ambitious.

When I say I bite my nails, I don’t just mean a little nibble every now and then, I mean I pull of strips of nail until my fingers bleed. It is horrible and disgusting and I’m ashamed of myself for doing it but it is a habit! No different from smoking or drugs or alcohol or anything else in the world that people do and just can’t stop. I have managed to stop before but I have always fallen off the wagon for some reason, normally because up until now I have been in a job that requires short nails.

When I do manage to stop and grow my nails, I can keep them looking nice and strong and very very claw like, I normally go for about double the length of the nail that is attached to the finger tip (if you know what I mean) so I like them pretty long. Now that I have just got a new office job working in the same building as a lot of very pretty people (as marketing and design people seem to tend to be) I find myself walking around with my hands clenched to hide my horrible stubby fingers.

So! here I go, making another wild promise about how I’m never going to bite my nails ever again! This time I’m gonna stick to it. I have some nasty tasting stuff that I need to actually dip my fingers in so the skin around my nails tastes bad also, I have a very pretty set of “Strictly Come Dancing” nail polish and I have an electric manicure set that a friend bought me for my birthday.

Maybe ranting about it and confessing each time I have a sneaky nibble on here will help. You, the faceless masses of the internet, are now my support group. Yay for you.

And don’t worry, I will not be posting any manky photos. only beautiful pretty photos when I have nice nails again.

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