Complicated Simplicity: Chapter 14

09 Mar

It feels like it has been months since I have posted my last chapter. I’ve had the strangest writer’s block ever. It isn’t that I’ve not known where I want this story to be going, on the contrary, I’ve known since I started it where everything was leading up to. But recently I just have not had the urge to write. It’s been rather frustrating for my readers. It is especially odd that this new chapter has been written and completed in about… 3 days. Go figure.

Anyway, I know I’ve not posted a new chapter since I got this blog properly started so let me explain a few things. I am first and foremost, a fanfic writer. Yes, one of those geeky masses who spends all their time dreaming about what would happen if this happened instead of this in a movie or tv series. My current bug is all over the Dreamworks movie Megamind. Love it!

Complicated simplicity starts at the exact same point as the movie does (no, not the childhood bit, when Megamind has just kidnapped Roxanne to unleash his attack on Metro Man using the Death Ray. But there is a major twist.

Metro Man does not die/quit/wuss out or anything!

Here is a link to the beginning of the story, go check it out if you haven’t already. Please feel free to review. ^_^

Complicated Simplicity: Chapter 1

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