The Woman In Black: Definitely not Hogwarts

06 Mar

My friend and I were wandering around the local shopping centre when we suddenly thought “Hey, lets go to the cinema and see that new one with Harry Potter in it!” So off we trotted and paid a truly extortionate amount of money (I had to skip the popcorn) for the tickets and joined the hordes of teenagers all waiting to see Daniel Radcliffe in all his semi-adult glory.

As first impressions go, it wasn’t a bad one. Daniel managed to somehow look like a 30-odd year old man, tho his voice is still a bit too high pitched. I closed my eyes and if felt like I was there to see Harry Potter and the A Level Deadline (No JK, that title is mine, you can’t have it… unless you pay me). The setting was spooky enough but I was kinda bored for quite a while. Felt like falling asleep even.

Then came the rocking chair (Oh yeah, spoilers ahoy!). WHOO boy, did things ever get spooky! For the first time in my life, I screamed, I mean I actually shrieked in the middle of the theatre! A full throated scream of terror. followed by a giggle fit that I shared with almost everyone else in the room. Good lord! I know it was mainly the suddenness of the situation but BLIMEY! was not expecting that!

Then it was like I was watching a whole different movie. I was actually holding hands with my friend as she was threatening to leave! Rule number 1. never leave half way through a scary movie. I did that with the Grudge and didn’t sleep properly for days!

Every shadow was suddenly a place to be feared, ever reflection, ever window, every doorway was a place where she could just appear. I spent a lot of the rest of the movie cowering back into my seat and trying to remember to breath. Then came the muttering to the screen.

There is one scene where Kipps is in mansion McScary-Doom and has a dog with him. This dog seems to have the ability to scene the goulies and starts to bark and growl whenever a fiend appears. So, naturally, when the spooky noises start going on upstairs…he leaves the dog in the sitting room. I would SO take that do with me. No, more than that. I would strap myself to that dog to make sure I couldn’t forget it!

I screamed and cowered and generally nearly rand from the room crying on so many occasions I lost count. I was too scared to look away. Even when it got a little silly to the end, when Kipps was trying to give the dead boy back to it’s mother and she was in the room and did the screaming floaty move across the floor at him. My throat was hurting by the end of it. I have never been that scared by a movie before.

The ending was also a lot better than I expected. as Soon as the shot switched back to the house and the whispering ghost voice repeated that one part of the letters… I knew, KNEW it was so not over yet! Again, I found myself internally shouting at the screen when Kipps was stood on the platform holding his son’s hand and the boy let go and wandered off. Even if I truly believed that the ghost woman had been appeased, I would not just let go of my kid like that. not after seeing so many children die in front of my eyes! After he grabs the boy up off the train tracks and leaps out of the path of the oncoming train, my heart was in my mouth!

I must say the actual ending of this film does nothing to convince me to move out to the country!

Just thought I would share my experience with you all. I just hope that not to many parents take their kids along because they are fans of Harry Potter.

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