A Kick Up The Arse

02 Mar

My ability to procrastinate (my chosen superpower) has become my downfall today. As previously stated, I have a friend coming over (for dinner ftftftftftftftffffff (that was my impression of Hannibal)) for the weekends and so the entire house needs to be spring cleaned. Not that my house is especially dirty, we are NOT talking Grime Fighters here, it’s just very very cluttered and hoovering is not something that I can often get around to doing.

So today I have hoovered the whole house from top to bottom. Or at least I started, but after finishing one room and finding out that I hadn’t actually finished it because the Dyson wasnt picking much up at all! So after an hour fo taking it to peices and inspecting all of the inspection tubes I, in my infinite wisdom, deducted that the thing was buggered.

So, the rest of the house, not to mention the first room I had already done, got hoovered using the hand-held hose from the Dyson… yes, a hands-and-knees jobbie! GOOD LORD did that take a long time. So, now I have no knees left, my hips are killing me and my shins are bruised beyond belief, but at least I have clean carpets. So, then came the lighting of as many scented candles I could find, the bringing out of all the good bedding and the organising of the book shelves.

I really need to do a top-to-bottom clean out more often! Why in the world did I think that I would need to keep two copies of the “Next Directory” from 09 and 2010?!? Blimey, those are big books!

So, on to the tip to get rid of the old clutter before I could change my mind. On the way home, went to buy some food and, most importantly, alcohol for this weekend. Plus a couple of impulse buys which is never a good thing on a budget. SO £30 spent in Aldi then back to home, newly acquired tulips in hand in order to brighten up the homestead.

Now, all I have to do is sit back and wait for my house guest to arrive….

The moral to the story… if you can’t be bothered to tidy up too often… get a smaller house!


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One response to “A Kick Up The Arse

  1. gloominatiquer

    March 3, 2012 at 2:05 AM

    Congrats on the clearn-just took a bit longer than expected 😛 I had the same experience with a presentation yday leaving me with 2 hrs sleep. Oh the joys of being a student!


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