Wild Weekend on a Tight Budget

01 Mar

After finding out that my best friend is going through a very bad patch at the moment, the decision was quickly made for her to leave all her troubles behind in the country and come over to the big city where we could forget everything for a few days! Oh we have had some wild times in the past and the plan is most definite to get back to that attitude. The only problem is that neither of us is exactly rolling in it at the moment… so How do you have a true let-your-hair-down, girls-gone-wild weekend when you have no monies?

I have devised a plan of action. well… at least I think I have.

Friday night: Evening in with a few girly films and a bottle or two of reasonably priced wine. There is a bottle that I get from Aldi at about £3.99 that is actually very nice so I’m getting one of those for sure! We will have this over frozen pizza (cooked first of course) and various nibbles which we have around the house. Followed by lots of water to ward off any unpleasantness the following morning and to bed after a candle-lit girl talk session! (You know… make up, boys, other girls we don’t like….)

Saturday: window shopping and general craziness day! I’m thinking that if the whether is OK then we will head into the City Centre and have a brows around. Window shopping with no money can be quite boring but we shall amuse ourselves by going into the uber expensive stores and asking for anything about a size 14, knowing full well that rice people are never this size and therefore no clothing would be available. We will of course do this when there are other people in the store too and we shall proceed to make the sales person feel guilty for not taking larger women into consideration. Hardly any of us look like Victoria Beckham, you know! We shall follow this up by some mock-tourist behaviour. My personal favourite is wandering around with a camera and looking at the tops of the tall buildings, just to see how many other people look up aswell!

Lunch shall be in the form of a fantastic all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant that I know. £5.50 and the first soft drink is free too! At lunch it is normally not too busy so we can sit around for hours chewing leisurely on the wonderful food followed up by heaped bowls of jersey ice cream!

Saturday evening: ICE SKATING! this could be the most expensive single even of the weekend but everyone needs to treat themselves every now again. There is a big disco/fancy dress/foam party on at the local rink. This was so our scene when we were in college so we are gonna OWN this place! I’m thinking a Daisy Duke costume with nice warm black tights and a straw Stetson.

Sunday: Lazy Day. We will probably go for a wander around somewhere, depending on what time she is going home… If the whether is good we might take the girl talk to a more outdoors-y setting around one of the local national parks. £2.50 for the pair of us if we also take my dad who has a disabled badge and gets concessionary rate!

And then she shall leave….and I shall go to work on Monday and the world shall return to the shades of grey that it once was and I will be slightly more broke than I am now. But we will have a blast all the same!

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