…And 29 Each Leap Year

29 Feb

February the 29th. In my opinion, this day is the ultimate procrastinator. After all, it is the only day of the year that can’t be bothered to get out of bed most years. Technically, this day shouldn’t exist.

Why does the fact that there is only one 29th of February ever four years make this day any more special than yesterday? Why is it any different from tomorrow? Its Wednesday for crying out loud! Just plain old boring middle-of-the-week Wednesday.

Because such years are rarer than normal years, they have become lucky omens. Indeed the 29th February itself is an especially important day. Anything started on this day is sure of success. –


The term ‘leap year’ dates back to times when February 29th held no legal standing and therefore the date was simply ignored which has resulting in this thing where a woman has the right to propose to a man on this date. Talk about a load of horseradish! Does this mean that al other laws are null and void today? A few hundred years ago (say around 1288, the time of the first recorded female proposal) would I have been legally allowed to walk up to someone and steal their horse, because the day wasn’t legally recognised? How bizarre!

Apparently, superstitions surrounding today’s date also affect the number of children born. Especially with planned C-Sections as most women seem to want to set the date of birth for their unborn baby so that the child will get to celebrate their birthday once a year, instead of once every 4 years. Personally, I think it would have been cool to have my birthday today. I would have constructed a very well-rounded and irrefutable argument in order to convince my parents that for three out of the 4 years my birthday should be celebrated on both the 28th February AND the 1st March! THEN I would have had the biggest party every February 29th to celebrate the actual existence of my one true birthday. How cool would that have been.

Granted, it must get very old very quickly to have people ask you what it is like to still be 5 when in fact you are in your twenties, but we all have to suffer a few fools in our lives.

So, here is a nod to everyone who is still going about their normal everyday lives like normal everyday people! The world doesn’t stop just because today doesn’t exist!

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