Into The Rush

27 Feb

Good lord, talk about a bad start to the day! I can’t believe my week has started out like this! How in the world can you get up on the wrong side of the bed when one side of it is pressed up against a wall? Ok… so how did things start out this morning?

Step 1: I did actually set the alarm on my phone to wake me up this morning as usual… the only problem with that was, I overlooked the fact that even on the “Morning call” setting for my mobile, you need to specify AM or PM when setting the alarm. Not much good my alarm trilling away to itself at 5 in the afternoon, is there? So, lucky for me I woke up about 1/2 an hour after my alarm should have gone off and managed to peer successfully at the display on the clock. After a mad rush around the house I was just about able to get out at the normal time of 5:40am.

Step 2: Got to the bus stop on time and even managed to get my seat in the shelter. it’s the one furthest to the right so that I don’t have to stare at the sides of people’s heads when I’m watching the road for the bus. So, my bus is always the first one there, in addition it is the only ‘arriva’ bus that goes to that stop. Today, as there is a road closed somewhere. a different bus turned up this morning. It was the first one there and it was an arrive… did I check the number which look suspiciously similar to the one I wanted? No, I did not! I hopped onto the bus with my usual smile at the driver and went and took my usual seat.

Step 3: Get to the nearest town on the bus and sit there with a frown as the driver sits at a set of red lights. It looked suspiciously like the bus was going in the wrong direction at the junction. Humph… it’s ok, the driver must know what he is doing, he will turn the right way in a moment. After the bus pulled away from the junctions and turned in the opposite direction to the way I wanted to go, I realised I was on the wrong bus. After furiously pressing the “Stop” button far too many times, I managed to hop off the bus and ran back up the hill in very loud high heels and got around the corner just in time to see my bus coming over the top of the bridge.

Step 4: Ran up the bridge to the bus stop waving my arms furiously. Luckily there was someone getting off at that stop so the bus did pull over. I managed to get on the bus and flashed a sheepish grin to the driver (always treat your driver with respect, your life is in his/her hands) and then went as red as a beet when I realised the 4 people who had been waiting at the first bus stop with me were on this same bus. Wander back to the back of the bus and sit in the corner with my head down, trying not to pant like a greyhound after a race (I am so unhealthy)

Step 5: Actually managed to get off the bus at the right stop, crossed the main road without getting myself squished by a truck and managed to make it down to work with 15 minutes to spare! So, I did my usual early morning routine. Turned the computer on, made sure all my stuff was in order, tidy up the mes left from the previous day of work and then headed down to the ladies to freshen up. Did my thing and then returned to my desk ready to start the day. 1 hour later everyone in the building gets an email… the toilets have now been broken and the nearest ones are in a building about 5 minutes away! I hope that on one saw me go, I swear everything was working fine and I did NOT block the toilets on my own!

… but now, 6 hours later with 3 hours to go… I really need to go!

Well… that’s my day so far. How was yours?

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