That Awqward Moment When….

25 Feb

You attempt to set up a blog and realise you already did and and forgot about it almost instantly, it seems! Lol! I SO forgot that I has set this blog up for myself! HA! I went to create one and I thought “Who the HELL has stolen my name?!? I am the Orange Afterglow! ME! Who does this person think he/she is anyway?” Well, it was actually me! lol. I guess I’m going have to take myself outside and give myself a good talking to!

Pffft. My memory is terrible.

Oh well. I guess I have an excuse. This last year has been the year from hell. I don’t know what I did to offend the powers that be but boy did I ever! It’s like the universe has been throwing everything it can find at me this last year. So many times I thought it had broken me… But you know what I did? I stood up, dusted myself off, showed the universe my middle finger and kept on truckin’ as the staying goes.

SO! Now that I have recovered from this bout of memory loss… I can get to blogging again! Yay!

*Shakes head and facepalms*

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Posted by on February 25, 2012 in Ego trip


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